This is the community wiki covering all sorts of information on the next-generation peer-to-peer technology platform built by the Ethereum community, including Ethereum, the generalized blockchain for smart contract development, as well as related protocols like: * IPFS, a distributed storage platform. * Whisper, the private low-level datagram communication platform * Swarm, a distributed storage platform and content distribution service.

Issues and pull requests

If you have a technical issue with a specific client, application or tool, e.g. those listed here, please ask in the Gitter room of that project, and if your issue is still not resolved, post an issue in the repo for that project.

All pages can be edited via the web-interface. For more controversial changes, please submit a pull requests via the GitHub backend. The github and this site are synced every five minutes.

Contribution guidelines

  • Non-english languages are coming within the next few months. Please be patient.

Wikipedia pillars adopts Wikipedia's five pillars which provide a good standard for contributing. If you have experience with editing on Wikipedia, then that will help with knowing how to edit this wiki, although the contribution rules are less strict. Referencing facts is a key writing and proofreading task, as well as checking that information is up-to-date (and updating it if otherwise), correcting grammar, typos, and spelling; and making the wiki comprehensive and easy to understand. Other rules, such as a neutral point of view and no original research are desirable, but may be hard to maintain. The Ethereum wiki is inclusionist, ergo, if there's something you think is relevant to Ethereum, feel free to put it here.

License and contributor license agreement

All contributions are accepted under the CC0 license 1, which makes your contributions have no rights reserved, putting them in the public domain. This will help to allow for the dissemination of information about Ethereum, the Ethereum ecosystem and Web 3 to the public, in a completely permissive manner. To state that you accept your contributions to be under a CC0 license, please add yourself to the list of external contributors here.

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