Two days of meetings were held at Full Node in Berlin to discuss the Istanbul hardfork and more broadly the ETH1x roadmap and processes and collaboration.

Original ETHMagicians thread.

Thanks to: * Gnosis for sponsoring Full Node venue * Ethereum Foundation Berlin for sponsoring livestream * Volunteer organizers Boris, MP, Trenton, James


  • Day 1
  • Day 2

Time stamped links will be updated below.

Slides - Day 1 (April 17th)

State Rent

EVM Evolution, EIP615

Immutability Invariants

Consensus Testing with Retesteth

Security in the EIP Process

EIP1344 Add chain ID opcode

State Testing

ETH v64 Enhancements

Red Queen's Sync

Slides - Day 2 (April 18th)

ProgPow - Technical Implementation Details

eWASM Update

EIP1559 Gas Market Fee Change

Killing the ETH1x Final Boss

Opening Pandora’s Box: Funding Eth 1.x and Eth 2.0

OASIS Open Projects for EIP, Standards Management

Finality Gadget

  • Alexey Akhunov
  • Slides
  • Video of presentation
  • EthMagicians Thread -

Hardfork Planning / What do we need to succeed?