All the ETH1 Clients include an EVM implementation, so they are copy-pasted from the source page for convenience.

Client Name Organization Programming Language License
Geth Ethereum Foundation Go GPLv3
Parity Ethereum Parity Rust GPLv3
Aleth Ethereum Foundation C++ GPLv3
EthereumJ + Harmony Ethereum Foundation / EtherCamp Java L/GPLv3
Trinity Ethereum Foundation Python MIT
EthereumJS EthereumJS JavaScript MPL 2.0
Mana POA Network Elixir Apache 2.0 / MIT
Nethermind Nethermind C# / .NET Core MIT
Pantheon PegaSys Java Apache 2.0

Additional Clients & Standalone EVM Implementations

Some of these are full clients to connect to alternate and/or private Ethereum-based chains, others are just EVM implementations meant to run smart contracts.

Client Name Organization Programming Language License Notes
SputnikVM ETCDEV Rust Apache 2.0 Standalone Rust implementation of EVM meant to be plugged into different chains
Mantis IOHK Scala Apache 2.0 Client for Ethereum Classic
Classic Geth ETCDEV Go LGPL 3.0 Ethereum Classic fork of Geth
Hyperledger Burrow Hyperledger Go Apache 2.0
Enclave ready EVM - eEVM Microsoft C++ MIT Designed to be used with Trusted Computing eg. SGX enclaves; no gas counting implemented